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ATTN: Convention Organizers and Attendees!



I know I have a lot of convention friends here. I need you to stop and listen to me because this is very important. You need to read this:

These people have cheated workers out of pay, destroyed lives, misrepresented the deceased, and now they’re trying to silence anyone who shows evidence of this - including falsely flagging a video made by Count Jackula.

Please get the word out about this “company” and their practices. Conventions and attendees need to be aware of this sort of abuse and unethical business practices. 

Please help us raise awareness. Every reblog/share/retweet helps. We will not allow this sort of thing to happen in the convention community and we certainly will not stand for the suppression of voices for those who wish to speak out - either through threats (legal or otherwise) or falsely reporting anything criticizing the company and its “management.” 

More links containing evidence and stories that convey the gravity of this situation: 

Links to abusive e-mails from PME management:

Stories from former employees of PME detailing their experiences:

Screencapped evidence of PME rewriting their history with the now-deceased JewWario in an attempt to try to improve their image & chat logs proving their lies:

With all this evidence coming out against them, PME has attempted to suppress people from speaking (deleting comments, intimidating, youtube flagging, etc.) It’s now more important than ever that we get this information out to the masses. Please take a moment to reblog and raise awareness about these unethical business practices and abuses. 

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